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OpenSource is distracting

Having the possibility to report bugs against tools and applications you are using to report bugs in other applications can lead to a whole stack of browser windows, things and stuff being open.

Especially if there are bugs in the application to report the oh-no-it's-starting-to-recurse bug report (Yes, I'm looking at you, Launchpad).


Ubuntu Jaunty (9.04) freigegeben

Link: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2009-April/000122.html

Ubuntu Jaunty wurde heute freigegeben.

Nach dem nicht-so-sehr-gelungenen Intrepid (jedenfalls hört man das immer wieder) gibt es nun ein viel-mehr-gelungenes-und-neues Release, welches ich auch seit Monaten schon nutze (und seitdem täglich aktualisiert habe (Leider blieben die Updates aufgrund des Release-Freeze in den letzten Tagen aus bzw. waren sehr spärlich)).

Dies kennzeichnet auch eine Ära, in der ich wieder etwas aktiver an der Entwicklung mitgewirkt habe (im Sinne von Paket-Uploads und Bug-Triaging).

Auch (gerade) im Bereich KDE/Kubuntu hat sich durch KDE 4.2.2 sehr viel gutes getan. KDE ist endlich wieder eine rundum feine Sache. Auch für die ganzen Nörgler^WUser.. :)

Endlich mal wieder ein Grund, sich mit ruhigem Gewissen zu betrinken.. :P

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No sponsorship for UDS Karmic for me

Link: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDSKarmic

I'm not getting sponsored for the Ubuntu Developer Summit for version 9.10 in Barcelona - adds to my recent disappointments in life.

Have to see if I can/want to get there by myself - would be interesting and fun for sure.

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Link: http://vimperator.org/trac/wiki/Vimperator

Vimperator is a great Firefox addon, which adds Vim-Power to Firefox.

It's a Firefox plugin only, but makes it behave a lot differently - adding vim commands to it. This is not meant for the casual user, but somebody who enjoys Vim, will probably enjoy Firefox a lot more when using this plugin.

Favorite commands include ":hardcopy" for the print dialog or the navigation in general.

If you test want to test it, please start with using the 2.0 betas, which are stable already and provide a lot of improvements since 1.2 (current stable).

I've even written my own command already, which allows me to easily switch between development and live server.

After all, it's really powerful and lets you avoid using the mouse even during surfing.. ^^

The help/tutorial is always available with ":help" - and you can still use the mouse (and normal shortkeys, if you use bypass mode (Ctrl-Z / Ctrl-Y), so there's no real excuse after all.. ;)

Update: Vimperator is available in Debian/Ubuntu as "iceweasel-vimperator", although currently only as 1.2-1 - while a few days ago 2.0 has been released and provides a lot of improvements and fixes.
As great as the Debian/Ubuntu package archive is, for plugins like the ones used with Firefox, I prefer the official repositories to (automatically) get any updates.


"Ubuntu Münster" Team

Link: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-muenster

Auf Launchpad.net gibt es ein Team "Ubuntu Münster", wo sich mal alle Leute registrieren könnten, die Interesse an Ubuntu-spezifischen Treffen in Münster haben - darüber könnte man dann in naher Zukunft mal Usertreffen und/oder Bugjams organisieren.

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bzr-pager Plugin

I like the feature in git, where commands that produce long output get piped to $PAGER.
This means, that if you do a "git diff" and its output will not fit into the current terminal window without scrolling, it will get piped to "less" by default, so that you can easily search and scroll in the output. Additionally (and that's the main point IMHO) it does not pollute your scrollback history (when you exit from your pager, the terminal will only display the call to the command, but not its output).

Luckily, there's a plugin for bzr, which provides the same functionality: bzr-pager

You can install it as follows:

mkdir -p ~/.bazaar/plugins && \
cd ~/.bazaar/plugins && \
bzr branch lp:bzr-pager pager

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ack-grep - a source-aware grep replacement (searching for content in files)

Link: http://petdance.com/ack/

ack (or ack-grep) is a nice "grep" replacement, when searching in a directory with source files.

It does not require any path to start searching and the recursive option is enabled by default. Also, it will exclude directories of version control systems (like .svn, CVS, .bzr, .git) and nicely formats hits.

E.g., "ack-grep foo" will search all (relevant) files in the current directory for "foo". And if the current directory is under source control, it will be much faster than using "grep -R foo .", since it excludes the control directories. (Ye

I haven't tinkered with its options or man page, although I'm using it since quite some time now, since the defaults are so good already and it provides a great out-of-box experience and performance boost.

The man page states when to use the "normal" grep:

ack-grep trumps grep as an everyday tool 99% of the time, but don’t throw grep away, because there are times you’ll still need it.
E.g., searching through huge files looking for regexes that can be expressed with grep syntax should be quicker with grep.

Additionally, "grep" appears to be still more useful when chaining commands, e.g. to find all references of "css" in the file list of "ack-grep" ("dpkg -L ack-grep | xargs grep css"). When using ack-grep here, it will also recursively search in all listed directories (as in "for i in $(dpkg -L ack-grep); do test -d $i && echo $i; done").

On Debian/Ubuntu, ack-grep is only a "sudo apt-get install ack-grep" away.. :)

(The ack homepage has some convincing Testimonials, too)

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