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Ubuntu Stack Exchange opened for public beta

Link: http://ubuntu.stackexchange.com/

Ubuntu Stack Exchange has been opened for public beta.

It's similar to (and driven by the same software as) Stackoverflow or Superuser: a user driven site focused on questions and answers regarding a particular topic.

While being in closed beta (to get an initial set of questions, answers and users), the Ubuntu Stack Exchange got more support than the (more generic) Linux Stack Exchange (according to Joel).

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Useful wrappers for apt-get, apt-source and apt-file

Link: https://github.com/blueyed/oh-my-zsh/blob/master/plugins/apt/apt.plugin.zsh

I've finally started to manage the setup of my dotfiles (configuration files) for shell, editor etc.
It is based on the popular dotfiles repository of ryanb and my fork can be found at github:blueyed/dotfiles.

While I'm still in the process of setting this up, I've just added the apt-* helpers I wrote some years ago:

They provide neat things like asrc -g hardy hello to get the version of the "hello" package from hardy (via "apt-get source" and the version number grepped from "apt-cache madison" - so you need to have it in your apt sources list, of course).
Also, ashow -g testing hello will show the package from Debian testing.

Apart from that these are mostly aliases, like "aup" for "sudo apt-get update" and some of them support shell completion (of package names) for e.g. "ainst" ("sudo apt-get install"). Shell completion works in both zsh and bash (at least).

You can get the file (to be sourced in a shell) from:

Feedback is very welcome and I am sure some of this is in packages like debian-goodies already (actually, there's nothing like that in _that_ package, but..).

Does it make sense to add (parts of) it to some package for easy installation across Debian/Ubuntu?


tqWorms reloaded

I've noticed some days ago that the DOS game I've written in 1999 can get played still using DOSBox.

The sound is apparently a bit crappy - but fortunately this is not on Linux only..

You can view the old software home at thequod.de/.../tqworms, but this is apparently very old already and I should get it some new home probably. Anyway, https://www.thequod.de/de/comp/mysoft/tqworms should be fine.

Screenshots are up on Flickr finally and it's known to cause maximum pleasure with 5+ users on the same keyboard only.

Would love to play this again - maybe even more when sound stutter (via DOSBox) is being fixed.

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Handle X-Forwarded-Proto in backend nginx

When nginx is being used as backend server, it will talk plain "http" to the frontend server only (for performance reasons and to simplify setup).

But web applications often need to know, if the traffic between the browser and server is encrypted (https), e.g. when checking if a particular part of the site is being accessed securely.

Since only the frontend proxy (the one between nginx and the browser) knows about this, this information has to be forwarded to the backend.

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Ubuntu Lucid has been released

Lynx pardinus(Source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Lynx_pardinus.png - cropped)

Link: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download

Ubuntu Lucid is the next Long Term Support release after Ubuntu Hardy (which had been released in April 2008).

For my share, I've put more effort into the development and bug triaging process again.

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Miro has been fixed for Ubuntu Lucid

A very annoying bug has been fixed in Miro in time for Ubuntu Lucid.

After having contacted the upstream developers they have provided a patch for an annoying bug in xulrunner, which makes web gtk widgets ("inline websites" / IIRC) misbehave in Miro.

In the end it is just a shameless plug to make you get Miro - or update yours.

Available for a lot of operating systems, thanks to being built upon xulrunner.

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