Ubuntu Stack Exchange opened for public beta

Link: http://ubuntu.stackexchange.com/

Ubuntu Stack Exchange has been opened for public beta.

It's similar to (and driven by the same software as) Stackoverflow or Superuser: a user driven site focused on questions and answers regarding a particular topic.

While being in closed beta (to get an initial set of questions, answers and users), the Ubuntu Stack Exchange got more support than the (more generic) Linux Stack Exchange (according to Joel).

By Daniel in Ubuntu2010-08-04 English (EU) Email


Comment from: Marius Gedminas [Visitor]
Marius GedminasWhere does that leave askubuntu.com?
2014-11-07 @ 10:53
Comment from: Marius Gedminas [Visitor]
Marius GedminasApologies: I didn't notice the date on this post was from 2010. It showed up on Planet Ubuntu in 2014 through a time warp of some kind.
2014-11-07 @ 10:55
Comment from: Daniel [Member] Email
Yeah, the planet software uses the last modification time and I had edited tags and/or categories of some older posts.
2014-11-08 @ 02:09
Comment from: salman [Visitor]
salmanI came here because of Ubuntu Planet! :)
2014-11-09 @ 17:07

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