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tqWorms reloaded

I've noticed some days ago that the DOS game I've written in 1999 can get played still using DOSBox.

The sound is apparently a bit crappy - but fortunately this is not on Linux only..

You can view the old software home at, but this is apparently very old already and I should get it some new home probably. Anyway, should be fine.

Screenshots are up on Flickr finally and it's known to cause maximum pleasure with 5+ users on the same keyboard only.

Would love to play this again - maybe even more when sound stutter (via DOSBox) is being fixed.

By Daniel in development, Ubuntu05/07/10 English (US) Email



Es ist schon erstaunlich, wenn eine IE5 Installation unter Ubuntu von 2006-06-18 immer noch läuft.

Hatte das damals mit ie4linux installiert, wenn ich mich recht erinnere - und wine packt es einfach weiterhin, auch wenn ich es jahrelang nicht genutzt habe (und weiterhin nicht nutzen werde).

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