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Puppet definition to add Launchpad PPA repository


The provided puppet definition(s) will allow you to add a PPA repository on a host managed by Puppet, e.g. by means of a class like this:


class blueyedppa {
  pparepo { "blueyed/ppa": apt_key => "7CC17CD2" }

I have created this to easily add the Current BOINC releases PPA to one of my hosts, and refactored a previously snippet for this.

Since I could not find anything for this, but questions asked about it, I like to share this. The actual code is available at the Gist linked to by this post.

By Daniel in Ubuntu, Audio2011-02-26 English (EU) Email


OpenSource is distracting

Having the possibility to report bugs against tools and applications you are using to report bugs in other applications can lead to a whole stack of browser windows, things and stuff being open.

Especially if there are bugs in the application to report the oh-no-it's-starting-to-recurse bug report (Yes, I'm looking at you, Launchpad).

06.12.08 could be faster


Since Ubuntu uses Launchpad a lot, it is really frustrating, if this web application is quite slow.

Therefore I've filed a bug about it.

As I write in the report, there are bugs about particular issues already, but I'd like to put some attention to this: a lot of Ubuntu developers (and those from other projects using Launchpad) are using this website a lot and therefore it should be as snappy as possible.


MySQL switches to bzr and Launchpad


MySQL has announced the switch to bzr for all of its code branches and Launchpad for hosting the code.

Nice to see big projects adapting Bazaar for managing their code.

By Daniel in Open Source2008-06-19 English (EU) Email