OpenSource is distracting

Having the possibility to report bugs against tools and applications you are using to report bugs in other applications can lead to a whole stack of browser windows, things and stuff being open.

Especially if there are bugs in the application to report the oh-no-it's-starting-to-recurse bug report (Yes, I'm looking at you, Launchpad).


Comment from: Ubuntu4life [Visitor]
Ubuntu4lifeSorry, I can't agree with that...
2010-01-15 @ 18:03
Comment from: Daniel [Member] Email
Are you doing any Open Source development by any chance?
Are you using Launchpad for bug reporting/triaging?
Have you run into an old Trac bug, which results in your account on a rarely used upstream bugtracker being unusable ("infinite redirect loop when resetting password")?

My experience is just that you start with reporting some bug and from there you sometimes start to get deeper into the "this should get fixed/improved" loop.

If you're a user which is not affected by any bugs or knows his workarounds, this is fine - however, when you're pushing to make things better and look for detail you are experiencing what I've meant above far too often.
2010-01-15 @ 19:51

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