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Simulate CSS min-width for Internet Explorer

Link: http://www.cssplay.co.uk/boxes/minwidth.html

Simulating min-width in Internet Explorer 6 is quite difficult, but here's a very good way of simulating it. It only uses CSS/HTML and no Javascript/expression, though it's still a hack by nature.

Thanks to magnat for sending it to me, after I've given up, because the expression-hack I've previously found failed when Internet Explorer (which sucks btw) is in "standards compliant mode" (in contrast to "quirks mode").

I've just found a quirk with it:
The basic CSS for IE in standards compliant mode is this:

/* for all browsers that understand min-width */
.width {width:90%; min-width:400px;}

/* the bodge for IE6 browsers */
* html .minwidth {
  border-left:400px solid #fff;
* html .container {

The problem with a more complex layout I just had, was that the text of the page could not get selected/highlighted anymore (by mouse). Removing the emphasized "position:relative" above solved it and had no influence on the efficiency of this workaround.

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Really use CSS classes

Guess.. who knows?

You can apply more than one CSS class to an element, I've just learned.

Easy like <p class="firstup block"> .. </p>.

Not CSS3, but indeed nice to know.

Like Francois PLANQUE says:

> The wrong way to use this would be "bold italic red underline"

> The right way is more like "cellstyle firstcolspecifics" and
> "cellstyle lastcolspecifics"

> or in the calendar: "nopost today" or "hasposts today"

So, spread the word..

By Daniel in html / css2005-01-29 English (EU) Email