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Track changes to /etc (configuration files) with etckeeper

I'm currently setting up my new dedicated server and one of the first packages I've installed there has been etckeeper, to keep track of any changes to files in the etc (configuration) directory.

Etckeeper supports various VCS (version control systems), namely Git, Mercurial and bzr.
Bzr support is available in Ubuntu since "Hardy".

I've chosen to use "bzr". If you want to stick to the default (git), just leave out the bzr related stuff:

# Install etckeeper and bzr:
sudo apt-get install etckeeper bzr

# Read the fine documentation:
zless /usr/share/doc/etckeeper/README.gz

Quick walkthrough:

# Edit the config, chose the VCS to use:
sudo sensible-editor /etc/etckeeper/etckeeper.conf
=> VCS=bzr

# Init the repository:
sudo etckeeper init

# Verify that the file list is OK and commit:
cd /etc
sudo bzr commit -m "Initial checkin"

Now, whenever you use "apt" to install or remove programs, it will commit any changed files before and after the action (if there are any changes - not all packages install files into /etc).

Because "/etc" is now a regular repository, you can also manually commit any changes there, e.g. when editing some configuration file.
If you don't manually commit any changes, they will get picked up during the next run of apt automatically.

This is of course highly recommended for Desktop systems, too: you can always look up what changes to the system configuration have been done (including the exact time when you or somebody else has installed a particular package).

Give it a try, it won't hurt :)

Update: Thierry Carrez has written some chronicle articles about etckeeper


Ubuntu Hardy approaching

Das nächste Ubuntu Release ("Hardy Heron") steht an. Morgen ist "FinalFreeze", wonach nur noch kritische Fehler behoben werden - die finale Version wird es dann voraussichtlich (nach Release-Plan) am 24. April geben.

Ubuntu 8.04 is here!

Soweit ersichtlich gibt es bisher nur eine "offizielle" Hardy Release-Party in Deutschland, in Berlin.

Ich werde da wohl spontan (d.h. gerade soeben spontan beschlossen) hinfahren.. :)

Testversionen von Ubuntu, z.B. das Beta-Release gibt es natürlich auch. Es lässt sich unter anderem mittels "Wubi" wie ein normales Windows-Programm zum Ausprobieren installieren.

Von Daniel in Ubuntu10.04.08 German (DE) E-Mail